About Us

Promoters of Impras Foods were doing well in service and hospitality industry in India. It was their passion and love for Indian cuisine that made them venture into restaurant business in Australia. After tremendous efforts, research and long experience in the culinary industry strived them to diversify from restaurant business to food manufacturing and present to the world the complexity of Indian food. It’s a old say that If you have to get to the heart of a person, then best way to reach there is through his/her stomach. We at Impras Foods make sure that all our preparations are 100% vegetarian and retain the authentic flavour of Indian cuisine along with keeping in mind the tastes of the west and India. We believe, food is a way of life, and our food is carefully curated to pleasure taste buds. We aim to provide authentic, traditional Indian snacks and dishes to the world.

Impras is using latest technology and machinary to manufacture high quality ready to eat Indian snacks and meals. Company is always keen to adapt latest ways and methods of modern cooking. Major emphasis is on training manpower to follow each and every step to produce top quality product. Every process, right from sourcing raw of material to the finished product, is in accordance to the international norms of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) of Quality and Safety. We make sure that human touch is avoided in every department to ensure hygiene and safety. Utter care is taken to ensure that our products retain Freshness and Flavour. We provide options to our customers for low calorie food products.